How We Protect Our Clients From Coronavirus?

As an ACT’s reputable and responsive cleaning business that has been serving Canberrans since 2015, we are committed to supporting you and the government’s efforts in flattening the spread curve of COVID-19.

Our marketplace is only in Canberra, includes five active cleaners, who have been responsible for one particular type of cleaning service (Regular house cleaning or Airbnb cleaning, or end of lease cleaning) and always stay away from public events, we are proud of managing well this situation to minimise the risks of spreading Coronavirus.

We are closely monitoring and considering the government and health expert advice around the approach to the containment of COVID-19, as well as ensuring our business and associated service providers are following government guidelines. We have taken early steps to confirm such things as the adequate supply of the appropriate equipment and cleaning products to our current marketplace of cleaners. One of our most necessary policy is that we will never swap cleaners because we understand that changing cleaners may bring more risks and bad experience to you as we have taken a survey with our current clients. To further support households and businesses, we have introduced additional internal and external compliance measures around our services, as well as a disinfection option that we are currently subsidising at no charge to you with any Gift4mum’s standard booking. All Gift4mum’s cleans include the following:

1. A thorough clean to disinfect a home, or office, focusing on high-touch areas and following the Government Department of Health recommendations

2. Use 100% new cloths and separately for each house.

3. High-quality cleaning equipment and supplies, including hospital-grade disinfectants

4. Extra hygiene precautions with each clean, including cleaners wearing new rubber gloves, utilising new cleaning cloths and wearing face masks as required

5. Cleaning teams that have verified they have no cold or flu-like symptoms before each & every clean.

We have a dedicated and professional cleaning team that can all be utilised to support you and our cleaners during this period. We have committed to not only maintaining, but also increasing our support you.

We are also focused on the upskilling of cleaners on our platforms and we have recently partnered with accredited Registered Training Organisation to upskill cleaners into the accreditations around Decontamination and Disinfection Cleaning.

We have engaged with leading cleaning experts around how we can assist beyond our standard products and services and Gift4mum will continue to provide access for all our Canberra’s customers to our critical essential service at this time.

Please continue to stay safe and follow the government and health authority guidelines.


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